Can our Government Convict You of a Felony Even Though You’re Innocent?
Jun 18, 2020
My guest today, John Smith, tells his story about how he was convicted of fraud in the S&L scandals back in the 80s even though he had done absolutely nothing wrong. We talk about various aspects of the case. His book is a very good read and tells about the criminal justice system and some of the things that they do that you might find hard to believe. I tell my back story of how I was convicted by the federal government on a charge of attempted bribery even though I was totally innocent also. These two stories from actual history bring up the question: Could you be sentenced to prison or jail for something you didn’t do? How likely is that?. You will find this podcast extremely interesting.
The Pandemic History Of The World0
Jun 18, 2020

This educational podcast will describe the characteristics, times, and dates of the various pandemics that have hit the world over the course of recordable history.